• Reliable plumbing services in Dublin and surrounding counties
  • Central heating systems
  • Gas & oil boiler repair
  • Gas & oil boiler replacement (supply and install)
  • Solar panels and solar heating systems (supply and install)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Boiler & Heating Controls
  • WiFi Nest thermostats, touch screen thermostats, programmable & non-programmable thermostats
  • Home Automation Integration
  • Radiators & pipework
  • Water filters & softeners


Domestic and commercial plumbing services: complete bathroom installations, repair burst pipes and leaks, repair and install all types of taps, toilets, baths and wash hand basins, electric showers, water filter installation, water tanks, install washing machines and dishwashers ...


System design and installation, underfloor heating, hot water solar panels, thermostatic radiator valves and system balancing, re-routing pipe work, radiator replacements/upgreades, descaling and cleaning of central heating systems, heating pumps ...

Solar panels

Supply & fit of the best performing solar panels systems in Ireland. Such solar system can provide 100% of your (really) hot water demands. Just 1 day installation. A solar grant of €1,250 (including the €50 BER grant) is available. If you purchase a system from us, we will assist with your grant application (read more on www.seai.ie)

Water Filters & Softeners

Water Filter We are working with solid german technology from Weissman Aquamix-N system as one of the first installers in Ireland. It is water filter/softener system designed specifically to remove excessive amounts of iron compounds and other problems from water. It is 1 appliance that solves 5 problems. Aquamix is equipped with a unique multi-functional bed which not only removes iron and manganese from water, but also softens it and removes ammonia and organic substances. One compact, small appliance instead of several filters requiring multiple investments and a lot of space for installation.Effectiveness without the need to aerate water Regeneration with salt solution, no harmful chemical substances used Patented regeneration system which lowers the use of consumable materials by as much as 50%. Read more about Aquamix-N